From school to the workplace, everyone has experienced poor leadership. It might have been a teacher who knew the subject but lacked communication skills, or a manager who insisted that the staff all work exactly like he/she did.

Invariably the results were below expectations.

Successful leadership hinges on the ability to motivate and inspire a team to complete tasks on schedule, within budget, and to the highest standard. It’s easier said than done! Leadership doesn’t come naturally to many people who are put in leadership positions.

It’s a leader’s responsibility to ensure that the unique knowledge and expertise of every member of their team is used to foster connections and collaboration, and achieved future-oriented outcomes. Because every leadership role has its own characteristics, one-on-one coaching by Hume & Associates is quicker and more cost-effective than attending classes or reading self-help books.

Successful leadership hinges on the ability to motivate and inspire a team to complete tasks on schedule, within budget, and to the highest standard.


Even talented and successful people have behaviours that hold them back from becoming inspiring and effective leaders.

Our coaching can teach you to use your existing skills, resources and creativity to overcome professional and personal challenges. We’ll help you to think and communicate in ways that break down personal barriers and unleash your leadership potential to achieve better results. Outgrow problems and become the inspiring and effective leader you can and want to be!

First we identify your specific needs, and then we design a customised coaching program to address them.

Working with a coach who is focused on your growth can:

  • improve self-confidence and self-awareness;
  • enhance interpersonal relationships;
  • build better communication skills and emotional intelligence;
  • create a better work-life fit;
  • attract talent to an organization; and
  • raise employee satisfaction with leadership.


Large organisations often struggle to share information across different divisions and generations. New employees can take months to learn to navigate comfortably within the organisation’s culture.

Mentoring can make a big difference in transferring knowledge within organizations and developing relationships within a supportive organisational culture. At its core is the ability to create awareness and understanding of others.

Mentoring is critical to comprehensive leadership development. It benefits organizations by supporting:

  • new supervisors and emerging leaders;
  • intern development programs;
  • development of technical expertise;
  • multi-generational collaboration and interaction;
  • retention of institutional knowledge;
  • relationship building across the organization; and
  • a culture of service and stewardship.

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